About me

Born in Dublin, I studied for my Bachelor of Science degree and Doctorate in University College Dublin, researching the ecology and post-glacial history of the Mediterranean Heath 
(Erica erigena) in the west of Ireland. 

A three year spell as Post-doctoral Fellow in the Botany Department of Trinity College Dublin followed, in the course of which I lectured and undertook research work on bogs in Sweden and Co. Offaly.  

My interest in the conservation of Irish bogs led to my voluntary, and later, full-time involvement in the Save the Bogs Campaign of the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC). In my role as Chief Executive of IPCC I guided the growth and development of the organisation over 15 years, making it one of Ireland’s largest and most successful environmental non-profit groups. 

Since 2004 I have worked as an independent environmental consultant, working on a range of fen and wetland research and survey programmes for various companies, state agencies and local authorities in Ireland. If you would like to download any of the projects reports in which I have been involved you will links to many of these on the Projects page

I am a Chartered Ecologist and a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

I am the author of numerous books and scientific reports and have published extensively in scientific literature.  

As an environmental scientist, I participated in the establishment of Wetland Surveys Ireland with Dr Patrick Crushell in 2007. 

Further details with dates are provied in my curriculum vitae

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