A Day on the Bog !

Clara boardwalk

For those interested in seeing what a raised bog looks like close up.... but who want to avoid getting wet feet or damaging the fragile bog surface... a walk over the recently completed Clara Bog visitor boardwalk is the answer. 

Further information 

The boardwalk, which meanders through Clara Bog Nature Reserve, is located a 2 minute drive from the Clara Bog Visitor Centre. The boardwalk is a 1 km looped walk on Clara Bog. It will enable visitors to see the many wonderful plants, birds and animals which Clara Bog is home to and soak up the atmosphere of an exceptional raised bog in the heart of Ireland. Admission to both Clara Bog Visitor Centre and the Boardwalk are free to all. Visitors to the boardwalk are recommended to wear sturdy footwear. 

If you would like a guided tour of Clara Bog, contact the Clara Bog Visitor Centre, Clara, Offaly on 057 9368878 or e-mail claraguides@environ.ie

(Photograph: P. Crushell)

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