Some Wildlife and Monuments photographs from visit to Athens

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Wildlife of the Acropolis and other historic sites in Athens, Greece photographed during a visit to the city in February.

Upcoming Wetland Events


Wetlands and Agriculture Conference: Partners for Growth 

6th & 7th March, Tralee, Co Kerry- The Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre, in association with the Irish Ramsar Wetlands Committee, is delighted to host this meeting to explore some of the issues around wetlands and land management, such as planning regulations, agri-environmental schemes, flood management and other alternatives to wetland usage, such as agri-tourism.

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Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists

Date: 7th MarchLocation: University College Dublin

The 2014 Annual Meeting of Irish Freshwater Biologists will take place on 7th March in Dublin. A call for presentations has been issued, the closing date for which is the 24th of January 2014.

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New potential wetlands map for County Kilkenny launched on World Wetlands Day 2014

County Kilkenny map of wetlands after inclusion of new wetland sites in 2014

To celebrate World Wetland Day the Wetland Map of Ireland has been revised to include new potential and previously known wetland sites in County Kilkenny. 

The desk based research project identified a total of 196 potential wetland sites in Kilkenny based on aerial photographic analysis, analyisis of subsoils within the county and published reports on previously identified wetlands. Previously only 22 wetland sites had been reported from the county.  

This voluntary project undertaken by Wetland Surveys Ireland has located 174 new potential wetland sites in the county. The majority of the sites have little associated information on the wetland habitats that are present or likely to occur on the areas identified. 

A full county wetland survey will be required to address this information deficit.

The Wetland Map of Ireland now displays a total of 4,122 sites nationally.


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