Dublin Wetland Survey - Brownsbarn North and South and Oldcourt Ponds

Some more survey images from the ponds located in various Dublin parks. Brownsbarn ponds in CityWest, and Oldcourt in Tallaght.

Brownsbarn South 1

Ornamental ponds and reed beds at Brownsbarn South Ponds

Brownsbarn South 2

Fringed water lily in water course at Brownsbarn South Ponds

Brownsbarn South 3

Little Grebe with chicks. Brownsbarn South Ponds

Oldcourt 1

Oldcourt Pond Tallaght

Oldcourt 2

Mute Swan and cygnets at Oldcourt Pond

Oldcourt 3

Dactylorhiza fuchsii on the edge of pond at Oldcourt

Brownsbarn North Pond

Reed bed community at Brownsbarn North pond


Dublin Wetland Survey - Rathcoole Park

As part of the project to survey the wetlands of County Dublin being undertaken by Foss Enviornmental Consulting, a recent site visit to Rathcoole Park in west Dublin revealed some interesting finds on the wetlands and grassland areas within the park. 

SAM 9208

One of the man made ponds in Rathcoole Park.

SAM 9224

Alderfly (possibly Sialis lutaria) on Glyceria maxima leaf. 

Alderfly eggs (possibly Sialis lutaria) on Glyceria maxima leaf. From Wikipedia... "The females lay a vast number of eggs upon grass stems near water. When the larvae are born they drop into the water or the ground nearby it and make their way into their new aquatic biome"

SAM 9216

Tetragnatha extensa, a Stretch Spider egg case on Glyceria maxima leaves which mimics a bird dropping. 

SAM 9169

Female Mallard

SAM 9180

Pink flowering form of Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna. 

SAM 9182

Dactylorhiza majalis from area of orchid rich grassland within the park.

SAM 9184

Dactylorhiza majalis from area of orchid rich grassland within the park.

Flag Iris around one of the ponds.

SAM 9235

Ustilago filiformis on Glyceria maxima (Reed Sweet-grass). Rathcoole Park, Co. Dublin.


Impressions of Kildare

Some recent photographs from survey work in east Kildare. 

kildare 5

Arable crops as far as the eye can see.

kildare 6

Silage cutting.

kildare 7

Cutover bogs and the Slieve Blooms.

kildare 1

Gorse shield bug.

kildare 2

Collared Dove.

kildare 8


kildare 3


kildare 4

Great tit.

Micro moth find in Kildare

During recent survey work in Kildare at Graiguepottle west of Celbridge (287676 235555) I came across a  tiny, chocolate-brown moth, marked with lemon-yellow (about the size of a rice grain). It rests with its antennae held forward, which are marked with a white band about two-thirds along their length. The species is Esperia sulphurella (thanks to Dave Allen in Moths Ireland for the identification). 

SAM 9111

It flies during the day, in May and June, and the larvae feed on dead wood. The image above shows it resting on an elderberry leaf. Based on data in the National Biodiversity Data Centre this would appear to be a new county record for Kildare (red square below - map courtesy and copyright of the NBDC). 

Esperia sulphurella dist NEW

New Wetland Map for County Donegal

Donegal6 2016Sml

As part of the project to map Ireland's wetlands, a preliminary mapping survey of all wetlands (both known and potential wetland sites) in County Donegal has just been completed. 

A significant number of additional wetlands have been located in the county bringing the wetland site total recorded in the county to 880. 

The wetland sites mapped in Donegal are those which have been reported in wide range of published sources, and previously unknown sites located through an aerial photographic analysis combined with sub soils data. 

Prior to this research project 126 wetland sites had been identified within the county. This mapping project has located an additional 754 wetland sites throughout the county, bringing the total number to sites identified to 880. Wetlands included on the map are areas of blanket bog, fen, swamp, wet woodland, ponds, lakes and rivers.

The majority of the “new” sites identified have limited associated information on the wetland habitats that are likely to occur on the sites. County wetland surveys are required to address this information deficit.

New wetland photographs and an acknowledgment to the person who submitted the image, for 1350 wetlands were also added to a number of county maps including: Carlow, Cavan, Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Leitrim, Longford, Mayo, Monaghan, Meath, Offaly, Sligo, Wicklow, Waterford, Wexford and Roscommon, together with some additional sites in these counties. 

There are still many wetlands without a photograph - so if you would like to send on a photograph of a site or take a snap shot on a mobile device, feel free to email on your photos to peterjfoss@gmail.com. If possible please include the Wetland Map site code to make sure we know which site you are referring to. All photographs are now made copyright of the photographer and acknowledged on the Wetland Map.  

Completion of the Donegal wetland identification project means that only one further Irish county, Galway needs to be assessed and the Map of Irish Wetlands will display a complete draft Irish wetland inventory. We hope to work on Galway completed in the near future. 

The Map of Irish Wetlands now displays a total of 11,280 wetland sites for Ireland. 


© Peter Foss 2012