Work on revision Kerry Wetland Map initiated

Is there a wetland near you in Kerry that should be included in this map?

Wetland map

At the request of Kerry County Council a revised map of wetlands in Kerry is currently being prepared in association with Wetland Surveys Ireland. 

The Map of Irish Wetlands currently has 128 sites shown in county Kerry (see here). We have already added another 50 or so sites based on older reports and surveys, the majority of which fall within the state network of sites (SAC, SPA and NHA which are not currently shown on map). We are undertaking a full screen of aerial photographs and subsoil data for Kerry to identify wetland sites outside of the state network... this will mainly identify areas but not provide much additional information until future surveys are undertaken. 

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who is aware of a wetland site (outside of the state network of sites) that you feel should be included in the new Kerry Wetland Map. All we need is name, a grid ref or screen grab for site and any other information on the area you are aware of (habitat or species information always useful). Any help would be much appreciated.


Wierd cigar growth form of Phragmites ?

During a recent wetland survey at Coolanillaun Bog at the southern end of Lough Corrib, an unusual growth form was noted on numerous Phragmites australis reeds. 

SAM 4508

The plants affected showed a deformed growth pattern and cigar shaped tips to the plants that tended to be shorter than surrounding 'normal' Phragmites plants.

SAM 4500

The cigars are in fact galls produced by infection of shoot by the fly Lipara lucens. The larva attacks the growing tip of the reed stem preventing the top internodes from elongating, which instead form a cigar-like swelling.

SAM 4505

Splitting open the cigars reveals the larva of the fly, one larva per cigar. 

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