Planttracker - great new invasive plant species app

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If you have an iPad/iPhone - and would like to record the distribution of invasive species around Ireland - a great new app is avaliable that allows you to photograph, geotag (via the iPad/iPhone in built hardware) and submit records almost instantaneously. And what's more - comfirmed records are uploaded to a national map within a few hours ! I have tested the app over the last week on the Wicklow wetland survey and have to say it does exactly what it says on the tin !! It has to be the easiest way to get plant records into digital format. Just brilliant. 

And as if that was not enough - the app is free ! Get it - try it - and help map the distribution of a selection of invasives here in Ireland. 

Wicklow Wetland Survey 2012 Discoveries

SAM 6742

In the last week surveys of almost fifity wetland have been completed in west Wicklow by the Wetland Surveys Ireland team. A range of wetland types, from alkaline fen, transition mire, wet heathland sites and various ponds have revealed that the wetland resource in the county is under considerable pressure with some sites completely lost to drainage and land improvement works. 

On the positive side, some excellent wetland sites, previously undocumented have been found.  The sites include 3 new Marsh Fritillary sites in the county, a new location for the mirco moth Enteucha acetosae which produces spiral leaf burrows in Rumex acetosa leaves, and only the third transition mire with Carex diandra at Killalish Upper and a new site for Carex aquatilis


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