Bringing Life Back to the Bogs

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RSPB Scotland has produced a leaflet ‘Bringing Life Back to the Bogs’, which summarises the extensive peatland restoration work at the Forsinard Flows nature reserve in the Flow Country (Scotland), together with a policy report ‘Realising the Benefits of Peatlands: Overcoming policy barriers to peatland restoration’.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds RSPB has long been a champion of peatlands and at the heart of its work in the UK has been the massive conservation undertaking in the Flow Country. Through its work at Forsinard RSPB aims to showcase the amazing wildlife spectacle these peatlands offer and to demonstrate the wider benefits of biodiversity conservation for key services such as carbon storage.

This trialling of large scale peatland restoration techniques will inform others and encourage a step up in effort on the ground across Scotland and beyond. It is recognised that to achieve this scale of restoration and realise the many benefits, policy and fiscal support is needed to influence the management of peatlands toward the goal of restoration.

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