Wild Tour of Ireland with Liam Lysaght

Liam Lysaght photograph

Join Liam Lysaght, Director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre on a trip around Ireland to  celebrate Ireland’s wildlife. The aim of the tour is to cycle around the island of Ireland, a  distance of  some 3,200km within a month, each day visiting some of Ireland’s special wildlife sites and highlighting what is special about them. At many of the sites Liam will meet with local experts or enthusiasts who will give their personal insights to what the sites mean to them.

As Liam says "Ireland’s wildlife gets bad press. Almost always, conservation is presented negatively; controversies about developments that damage wildlife, gloomy reports of species under threat of extinction, compensation for managing land for conservation, and so forth. It is a personal frustration of mine that rarely is Ireland’s special wildlife presented in a positive manner, or all that is good about wildlife celebrated. We have a unique and special natural heritage – this tour presents a personalised perspective on some of what is special about Ireland’s wildlife and an attempt to share this experience with a wider audience."

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