Erica erigena habitats and distribution in western Ireland

Erica erigena on lake shore

I have uploaded a series of photographic images of Erica erigena taken during my PhD study in the 1980's so as to provide some information on the habitat of the species in Ireland and the north of Spain. 

Further images to follow in due course. 

Background: 1982 to 1986 I undertook research for my PhD on Erica erigena, The Mediterranean Heather in Ireland and northern Spain. 

My thesis title was: The Distribution, Phytosociology, Autecology and Post-glacial History of Erica erigena R. Ross in Ireland. 

This research involved an investigation of the history, autecology, and phytosociology of Erica erigena in western Ireland. The project was carried out under the following research headings: Palynology; Species Distribution; Soil nutrient levels; Phytosociology; Vegetation mapping; Water level analysis; and Comparative studies on the species in Galicia N.W. Spain. 

The images presented show Erica erigena at most of its Irish sites (first in album) and some from Galicia in northern Spain (presented at bottom of album). More infromation: Foss, P.J. & Doyle, G.J. (1988) Why has Erica erigena (the Irish Heather) such a markedly disjunct European distribution ? Plants Today 1 (5): 161-168.

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