Milltownpass Bog NHA, Co. Westmeath

SAM 0390

SAM 0396

SAM 0414

Cup lichen

SAM 0418

Matchstick lichen

SAM 0424

The liverwort, Odontoschisma sphagni growing on a Sphagnum magellanicum hummock. 

Cloncrow Bog NHA, Co. Westmeath survey finds

SAM 0319

SAM 0320

Wild cranberries were common in two flush area on the high bog surface. 

SAM 0321

Wild cranberries were common in two flush area on the high bog surface. 

SAM 0361

Marsh Fritillary caterpillars located on the cutover adjacent to Cloncrow Bog. 

Cashel Bog NHA, Co Leitrim recent ecotope survey photographs

Some photographs from the Cashel Bog Co Leitrim ecotope survey. Photographs show areas of active raised bog with sub central bog communities dominated by Sphagnum. 

SAM 0104

SAM 0113

SAM 0118

SAM 0122

SAM 0124

Lichen find on Cashel Bog NHA, Co. Leitrim

Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata- 2018-03-17

Cold and wet on Cashel Bog NHA during the recent survey of site, but the lichens did not seem to mind. Especially like the raised bog high rise living lichen specimen. A noteworthy find was the lichen Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata, recorded at only two other locations in Ireland.  

SAM 0155 17.55.51
Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata
SAM 0157

Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata

Little Egret shuffling on the River Poddle

Did some bird watching today of Little Egret and his fishing behaviour on the River Poddle in Tallaght. Was interesting to see the bird kick or shuffle its feet under the bank edge to try and chase out any fish hiding there (can see this action in the last photograph).

SAM 0114

SAM 0117

SAM 0119

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