The Louth Wetland Survey 2012 reveals some exciting new finds

In conjunction with Wetland Surveys Ireland I have been involved as project leader on the second survey of a range of wetlands habitats in county Louth during July 2012.

The survey located the first site record in Louth for the invasive species Nymphoides peltatus (syn. Villarsia nymphaeoides, Fringed Water-lily, Yellow Floating-heart, Water Fringe) located near Greenore on the Carlingford Peninsula (Photo: P. Crushell). 

LWS 309 Mullatee East (3) 2

Epipactis palustris (Marsh Helleborine) was located on a Cladium mariscus fen also near Greenore (Photo: F. Wilson), which represents only the second record for the county. 

IMG 0133

And the second only site for Pyrola rotundifolia (A Flora Protection Order species) was also discovered in Louth on a transition mire south of Dunleer (Photo: F. Wilson)

IMG 0164


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