Waterford Wetland Survey - August Site Visits

At the end of August site surveys were conducted in Waterford with Wetland Surveys Ireland. Field work turned up some important wetlands and some interesting fauna and flora finds on a range of wetlands habitats in the county.

Ferrypoint shingle bar, Youghal.

SAM 8369

Crambe maritima, Ferry Point, Youghal, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8376

Lygocoris sp. (possibly Common Green Capsid) on bindweed. Villierstown, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8423

Indian Balsam is a major problem within sites on the Blackwater River (Cork/Waterford). 

SAM 8420

Coolahest, reed swamp at edge of Blackwater River.

SAM 8427

Wet Heath community on the Knockmealdown Mountains

SAM 8510

River valley in the Knockmealdown Mountains

SAM 8520

Ballyheeny on the Blackwater River

WdWS 2015 Site 212  (15)

Camphire Island in the Blackwater River, alluvial woodland and reed swamps.

WdWS 2015 Site 226  (2) - Version 2

Fistulina hepatica - Beef Steak Fungus, Strancally Demesne, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8463


Kerry Wetland Survey 2015

During August field surveys were undertaken on a range of sites as part of the Kerry Wetland Survey II.  Field work turned up some nationally important wetlands and some interesting fauna and flora finds on a wide range of wetlands habitats in the county.

Montbrettia hedgerows were in full bloom during the survey.

SAM 7215

Nostoc alga at Ballyheabought.  

SAM 7213

Common carpet (Epirrhoe alternata). Ballyheabought.  

SAM 7227

Swamp and wet willow scrub at Murreagh Bog

SAM 7335

Kerry Slug Geomalacus maculosus. Sillahertane

SAM 7675

Ruppia maritima. Brackish water lake, Coornagillagh

SAM 7886

Nursery Web spider (Pisaura mirabilis). Coornagillagh

SAM 7887

Epipactis palustris, Doonard Upper Fen near Tarbert

SAM 7949

Doonard Upper Fen near Tarbert

SAM 7955

Secondary raised bog communities on Kilfallinga cutover

SAM 8277

High bog dome at Ballinvariscal Bog

SAM 8314

Hawker Dragonfly (female laying eggs) Aeshna juncea at Ballinvariscal Bog

SAM 8325

Peacock butterfly at Ballinvariscal Bog

SAM 8329


Wild Atlantic Way

In August I spent 8 days surveying sites along the Wild Atlantic Way in Cork, Kerry and Clare. Here are some images of interesting finds made along the way. 

Limax cineroniger, Blaskets View, Co. Kerry.

SAM 7173

Angelica sylvestris on costal grassland, Blaskets View, Co. Kerry.

SAM 7187

Stunning Mizen Head Cliffs, Co. Cork.

SAM 7426

Cytisus scoparius subsp. maritimus (Prostrate Broom). Mizen Head, Co. Cork. 

SAM 7487

Cetonia aurata (Rose chafer). Mizen Head, Co. Cork. 

SAM 7525

Chough. Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax. Old Head of Kinsale, Co. Cork.

SAM 7616

Dursey Island cable car - unforgettable experience !. Co. Cork.

SAM 7832

Dry stone wall, Loop Head, Co. Clare.

SAM 7970

Cliffs at Loop Head, Co. Clare.

SAM 7987

Sea Stack with Armeria maritima cushions, Loop Head, Co. Clare.

SAM 8033

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare.

SAM 8151

Visitor impacts on northern coastal walk Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare.

SAM 8152

African Harvestman spreads in Ireland

Dicranopalpus ramosus, a species of harvestman introduced to Ireland that appears to be making its way northwards. Recorded during recent survey work in Clonakilty, Cork and Mount Mellery, Waterford, where it seems to like the walls of B&Bs ... post full Irish breakfast records ! (Distribution map courtesy of NBDC).

The species has a characteristic way of sunning itself on walls with legs held together, and what looks like a pair of pincers (actually modified pedipalps) that help distinguish it from Irish harvestman species. (Originally the species originates from Morocco, from where it spread to Europe. It reached Britain by 1957 and Scotland by 2000. 

SAM 7533

SAM 8496

SAM 8497

SAM 8501

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