County Kildare Wetland Map of Ireland 2013 Update

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Following publication of the County Kildare Wetland Survey II undertaken in conjunction with Wetland Surveys Ireland, the Map of Irish wetlands includes a range of updated Kildare site information for the 60 sites surveyed in 2013, as well as a number of new wetland sites discovered in 2013. 

The Kildare wetland map now shows a total of 219 sites and their relted site information. 

Full details of the 2013 County Kildare Wetland Survey II can be found in the final project report which is available from the Heritage Office, of KIldare County Council. 


Leaf Beetle discovery at Windy Gap, Co. Louth

During a survey of Windy Gap, Co. Louth in September, which is situated at approximately 180 m altitude within the Carlingford Mountain SAC, four specimens of the Leaf Beetle Galeruca tanaceti were found in Molinia grassland at the edge of this cutover bog.  Known food plants for the species include Tansey (Tanacetum vulgare), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Knapweed (Centaurea nigra), Colt's foot (Tussilago), Silverweed (Potentilla auserina), Cuckoo flower (Cardamine pratensis), charlock (Sinapis arvensis), Devil's-bit scabious (Succisa pratensis), Small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria), creeping thistle (Cirsium arvensis), and various speedwells (Veronica spp.). The species record was submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre and appears to be a new County Record for Louth.


Galeruca tanaceti mating adult beetles. The swollen and distended abdomen of the female beetle is a characteristic feature of the species. 

Distribution map of the Galeruca tanaceti. (Copyright: National Biodiversity Network UK).

Survey reveals some new raised bogs with extensive active bog surface

During September I was involved in the survey of a selection of raised bogs in Counties Roscommon, Cavan and Longford. The aim of the survey was to determine whether active raised bog occurred on any of thse sites. The survey was undertaken as part of the Scientific Basis for Raised Bog Conservation in Ireland project being undertaken by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. 

Survey results will be published over the next few months.


SAM 1015

Surface view across the central ecotope community on bog in County Roscommon. Sphagnum cuspidatum is the dominant species in the foreground.


SAM 1042

Surface view across the central ecotope community on bog in County Roscommon. Sphagnum cuspidatum with scattered Sphagnum pulchrum is the dominant species in the foreground. A small wooded flush can be seen in the middle distance.

SAM 1047

Long strands (20 cm and more) of the lichen Usnea articulata growing on dwarf birch trees in the wooded flush.

SAM 1064

Bog Cranberry, Vaccinium oxycoccus growing on a large Sphagnum capillifolium hummock in the wooded flush.

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