The Raised Bogs of Ireland

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The Map of Irish Wetlands team have created an exciting new on-line story map ‘The Raised Bogs of Ireland' to help you find out more about the most important conservation worthy peatlands around the country. Ireland has a high proportion of the total EU resource of raised bog (over 50%) and so has a special responsibility for their conservation at an international level.

The story map brings you on an informative tour of 53 raised bog Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and the 75 raised bog Natural Heritage Areas (NHA) where you can learn more about these fascinating peatland habitats. The story map includes and introduction to the SAC and NHA raised bog network, map location information for these raised bogs; the designated site boundary; a brief summary of the habitat and species of interest on the site; restoration work which has been undertaken on the sites under EU LIFE projects; and NPWS site code. The raised bogs which are open to the public and include information signs and a boardwalk are also highlighted. 

Included on the new raised bog story map are peatlands such as Clara Bog, Girley Bog, Scohaboy Bog, Carn Park Bog, Cloonshanville Bog, all of which have visitor access, together with the other sites being conserved throughout the country.

The story map is based on a selection of sites included in the Map of Irish Wetlands. The Map of Irish Wetlands has been created by Dr Peter Foss and Dr Patrick Crushell and shows the location of more than 12,700 wetland sites in Ireland. 

According to Peter Foss “The raised bog story map was developed to highlight the occurrence and value of raised bogs throughout the country, increase awareness amongst the general public of these fascinating wild wetland habitats, and bring information relating to our raised bogs into a single easily accessible resource”.

The Map of Irish Wetlands and the Raised Bogs of Ireland story map have been developed and made available to the public free of charge without the assistance of any public funding.

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