New Map of Irish Wetlands launched with increased functionality

A new enhanced version of the Map of Irish Wetlands has just been published by Dr Peter Foss (Foss Environmental Consulting) and Dr Patrick Crushell (Wetland Surveys Ireland). This project was developed jointly on a voluntary basis by the two ecologists and is the only centralised map of all wetlands that occur in Ireland.

MIW ESRI map image

The Map of Irish Wetlands (MIW) is now displayed as an ESRI web map application, with additional functionality including searching for site by name, the addition of boundaries for designated sites, the ability to change the base map and other technical functions. 

The main aim of the Map of Irish Wetlands project is to provide the user with information relating to wetland sites across Ireland. The MIW displays information on 12,800+ Irish wetlands, both within the state network of protected areas and outside this network, originating from a wide variety of sources. It is the only map which is freely available to show information on all Irish wetlands. 

The location of sites is displayed on the web map with additional information presented in a pop up window on each site which includes: site name, wetland habitats present, ecological interest and conservation status, source of additional site information and site photograph.

Created in 2012, the on-line Map of Irish Wetlands, was intitially displayed on the Google Maps platform from 2013 to 2019.

As Dr. Foss explains “We hope the new Map of Irish Wetlands resource developed as an ESRI web map, with increased functionality and the inclusion of designated site boundaries, will be of use to a range of professionals and general public who are interested in identifying the wetland biodiversity resource in a given area.”

The map can be viewed at either of the following websites: www.WetlandSurveysIreland.com or www.FossEnvironmentalConsulting.com


County Longford Wetland Field Survey 2019

LFWS2019 Report cover

Following on from the 2017 County Longford & Roscommon Wetland Study project, which identified all wetlands in the two counties, a new report on wetlands surveyed in 2019 in County Longford has been published. The survey was commissioned by Longford County Council and undertaken by ecologists with Wetland Surveys Ireland. The survey aimed to identifying the specific wetland habitats and ecological interest on 18 sites within the county, and prepare habitat maps for each.

Wetlands are important for biodiversity by supporting a wide range of specialist plant and animal species. In addition, wetlands provide important ecosystem services such as flood prevention, provision of clean water, and carbon storage. Despite the known importance of wetlands, they continue to be threatened and damaged from activities such as drainage and infilling.

The main findings to emerge from the County Longford Wetland Field Survey 2019 was that a number of important wetland sites were identified (deemed to be of county or high local importance). This included raised bog and lake / wet grassland wetland sites. Raised bogs are listed under the EU Habitats Directive as a habitat of conservation concern. New records for Marsh Fritillary ( Annex II species under the EU Habitats Directive) were also recorded during the course of the survey on two wetlands, extending the known distribution of this important species in the county.

The report also highlights the absence of detailed information on many sites and the urgent need for targeted field surveys to gain a better understanding of the wetland resource within the county. 

The County Longford Wetlands Field Survey 2019 was made possible through the financial support of Longford County Council and The Heritage Council. 

The County Longford Wetlands Field Survey 2019 is an action of the County Longford Draft Heritage Plan 2015-2020. The report is available from Máiréad Ní Chonghaile, Heritage Officer, Longford County Council.

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