Blacksod Kitchen Midden, Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo

During visit to Blacksod Harbour, on the Mullet Peninsula in October I found what appears to be a kitchen midden on a section of eroded bank at top of beach. The layer was marked by its darker colour (presumably due to presence of charcioal) and was complete with common periwinkels, oysters some limpets and even some bone fragments together with cracked stones used to cook the food. This archaeological object is not, however, listed on the Monuments Service Geobrowser.

SAM 1414

Kitchen midden layer at Backsod Harbour

SAM 1410

Section of layer rich with oyster shells

SAM 1413

Section of layer rich with periwinkles shells

SAM 1412

Section of layer rich with periwinkles shells and cracked stones used in cooking

SAM 1415

Bone fragments found within the midden layer

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