Bog walk on Old Military Road to celebrate International Bog Day

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International Bog Day is celebrated around the world on the fourth Sunday in July – this falls on 28th July in 2019. This annual event has been designed to celebrate the beauty of bogs and to help make people more aware of peatlands, the services they provide for free, and the threats they face. 

Bogs are not only beautiful, dramatic landscapes, full of inspiring wildlife, but also provide us with some very useful services, vital to our own survival. Their protection is necessary to avoid adverse economic and environmental impacts. 

To celebrate International Bog Day took a walk along the Dublin Wicklow County boundary today to explore some of the cutover bog in the Feather Beds Bog just off the Old Military Road. Best find of the day was the "living cactus"... or should I say the caterpillar of the emperor moth. Beautiful breezy weather, delicious fraochans and views that never cease to impress. 

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