Bohernabreena Reservoir and Glenasmole Valley Tour

One of my favourite places to visit in the Dublin area is the Glenasmole valley, and more particularly the Bohernabreena Reservoir in south county Dublin, located just 5 km from Tallaght village. The reservoirs and public amenity areas in the valley are managed by South Dublin County Council. I have been visiting the place since the 1970’s and decided it was time to let some others in on some of the secrets of this hidden gem at the foothills of the Dublin mountains. So to celebrate this special area of conservation I have created a short interactive online story map about the glen and its history, the habitats and wildlife that occur there, and other information that people might find interesting. 

A link to this freely available story map is here. I hope you enjoy the tour. 



The Bohernabreena Reservoir story map can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Story map link: http://arcg.is/2oxurSK 

Information for the story map comes from information held in the Map of Irish Wetlands. The Map of Irish Wetlands has been created by Dr Peter Foss and Dr Patrick Crushell and shows the location of more than 12,600 wetland sites in Ireland. The map has been developed and made available to the public free of charge.

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