County Kildare Wetland Survey 2012 reports available

KWS 2012 Report Cover

The project created a digital GIS wetlands map and database of known and potential freshwater wetland sites in county Kildare. The wetland habitats recorded include lakes, ponds, watercourses, springs, swamps, wet grassland, marsh, bogs, fens, bog woodland, riparian woodland and wet woodland. In all, 32 wetland habitat types were researched and mapped.

The 2012 project involved three main elements:

- a desktop literature review to identify all known wetlands in county Kildare and gather background data on those sites identified;

- a desktop analysis of aerial photography and other GIS datasets to identify and map potential wetlands which had not been previously reported;

- a field survey of 27 potential freshwater wetlands identified during the desktop studies aimed at determining the ecological characteristics and conservation value of these sites.

The resulting data-set from the project should provide a useful tool for future heritage conservation planning in the county, will assist in the development of sustainable planning programmes, and will allow for the design of future targeted wetland surveys and research programmes in County Kildare.

The reports can be downloaded from the Projects page (see link above).


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