County Waterford Wetland Map Updated

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Based on the results of the County Waterford Wetland Survey 2015 undertaken in co-operation with Wetland Surveys Ireland a revised map and associated database of potential wetlands in the county was produced. The wetlands include those previously reported from published sources (mainly SAC, SPA, NHA, ASI etc.) and previously unknown sites identified through the examination of aerial photography in conjunction with subsoil data.

Prior to the start of the project 188 sites with a wetland interest were know in County Waterford, that number has increased to 293 potential wetland sites recognised in the county. 

These sites have been added to the on-line Map of Irish Wetlands. Data on 35 sites surveyed in 2015 has been incorporated into the Wetland Map. For the potential wetland sites identified from aertial photography, where surveys have not been undertaken, there is limited information displayed on the Map of Irish Wetlands. It is hoped that future wetland field surveys in County Waterford will allow the wetland habitats present on these sites to be characterised and described in more detail.  

The County Waterford Wetland Survey 2015 was funded by Waterford City & County Council. 

The Map of Irish Wetlands now displays a total of 8,600 sites nationally.


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