Discover Green Spaces and Wildlife in Berlin

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Over 2500 open green areas occur in Berlin - in all shapes and sizes - some manicured, some managed with nature in mind, and others allowed to run wild, many since the war. From small to large parks, dozens of lakes, graveyards, 161 square kilometers of forest areas, extensive water ways, nature reserves and abandoned railway lines. These open areas are cherished as a green lung by Berlin's inhabitants - both human and the wildlife kind.

This story map provides a tour of some open and green spaces in and around Berlin, Germany. The story map provides background information on 35 open spaces, parks and nature reserves in and around Berlin and the habitats and wildlife to be found there. The story map is designed to allow people to locate the parks and visit them to appreciate the park and its wildlife. Links are provided to selected sources of further information and groups in Berlin who organise excursion and events at some of these wildlife areas and nature reserves or protected parks.

Link to story map: http://arcg.is/2nJKysk

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