Dublin Wetland Survey - Brownsbarn North and South and Oldcourt Ponds

Some more survey images from the ponds located in various Dublin parks. Brownsbarn ponds in CityWest, and Oldcourt in Tallaght.

Brownsbarn South 1

Ornamental ponds and reed beds at Brownsbarn South Ponds

Brownsbarn South 2

Fringed water lily in water course at Brownsbarn South Ponds

Brownsbarn South 3

Little Grebe with chicks. Brownsbarn South Ponds

Oldcourt 1

Oldcourt Pond Tallaght

Oldcourt 2

Mute Swan and cygnets at Oldcourt Pond

Oldcourt 3

Dactylorhiza fuchsii on the edge of pond at Oldcourt

Brownsbarn North Pond

Reed bed community at Brownsbarn North pond


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