Kildare Wetland Survey Discoveries 2013

During August the wetlands in Kildare were the focus of survey work undertaken for Kildare Couty Council as part of the second wetland survey within the county. This project was undertaken in co-operation with the team from Wetland Surveys Ireland. 

In all 60 sites were examined for their wetland value culminating in the preparation of detailed wetland reports for each. Most of these sites had been identified as part of an aerial photographic examination of the county undertaken in 2012, and to date little was known about the wetlands occuring there. 

SAM 0264

A range of wetlands were found including a man made articial ponds and lakes, quarry lakes, transition mire and cutover bog habitats. Abandoned quarry sites, such as Kilrainy shown above showed interesting wetland community regeneration together with species rich calcareous grassland community development.    

SAM 0083

Nymphoides peltata the invasive Fringed Water Lily was found at two locations. Eradication of this highly invasive species was recommended.

Results of the Kildare Wetland Survey II will be available from the Kildare County Council later in the year. 


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