Kildare Wetland Survey 2014

During May the Kildare wetland survey turned up some interesting finds on a wide range of wetlands and associated habitats in the county. These included:

SAM 2698

An area of active raised bog on Mulgeeth Bog north of Allenwood.

SAM 2692

Dark Tussock Moth Caterpillar, Dicallomera fascelina on Mulgeeth Bog.

SAM 2624

Breeding pairs of Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula) were found on both Kilglass Quarry and Punchestown Racecourse, rather unusual breeding locations for a species normally associated with coastal shingle beach habitats.

SAM 2774 2

Over 400 Newts were recorded from the Kilsaran quarry at Usk, where the company has been undertaking wetland restoration work designed by Faith Wilson to benefit this species.... without a doubt a success story !

SAM 3019

And in the middle of the Punchestown Race Course grounds ... a very unexpected transition mire area. 

SAM 2654 2

And finally these unusual spider egg cases wrapped in black silk and attached to Sparganium emersum leaves from the ponds at Moyvalley Golf Course.


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