Louth Wetland Survey 2014

At the start of September survey work was undertaken on the third and final phase of the wetland survey in County Louth.  Field work turned up some nationally important sites and some interesting finds on a wide range of wetlands habitats in the county.

SAM 5037

The dry and wet heathland areas on Slievenaglogh were very colourful during the recent survey, with ideal grazing conditions noted.

SAM 5054

A small lake near the summt of Slievnaglogh contained a well developed poor fen area, a rare habitat in Louth.

SAM 5042

The umcommon heathland puff ball, Lycoperdon echinatum was also recorded on Slievenaglogh. This species is readily identified by the hairy surface of the puff ball, where 3 to 4 hairs are usually united at the tip.

SAM 4990

A small area of Ulex gallii dry heathland with Calluna vulgaris and Erica cinerea was recorded at Killen.

SAM 5117

As the survey was conducted at the start of September, fungi were recorded at a number of sites including this large example of Polyporus squamosus, Dryad's Saddle growing on a large Salix alba tree at Crowmartin.

SAM 5027

While this vivid yellow Hygrocybe species or  Waxcap was found on grassland grazed by sheep and horses on the lower slopes of Slievenaglogh.


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