Micro moth find in Kildare

During recent survey work in Kildare at Graiguepottle west of Celbridge (287676 235555) I came across a  tiny, chocolate-brown moth, marked with lemon-yellow (about the size of a rice grain). It rests with its antennae held forward, which are marked with a white band about two-thirds along their length. The species is Esperia sulphurella (thanks to Dave Allen in Moths Ireland for the identification). 

SAM 9111

It flies during the day, in May and June, and the larvae feed on dead wood. The image above shows it resting on an elderberry leaf. Based on data in the National Biodiversity Data Centre this would appear to be a new county record for Kildare (red square below - map courtesy and copyright of the NBDC). 

Esperia sulphurella dist NEW

© Peter Foss 2012