National Award for Glenasmole Valley Story Map


The recently produced Bohernabreena Reservoir and Glenasmole Valley - A wildlife and wilderness amenity close to Dublin City for you to explore - story map created by Peter Foss in conjunction with Wetland Surveys Ireland has received the runner up award from ESRI Ireland in its the national 2017 Maps Make Sense Competition. The prize is a free trip to the GIS Esri UK Conference in London, on May 16th

This Story Map is littered with striking images and useful local information about the area presented through the medium of a Cascade Story Map. Peter has a long association and fascination in this location and its wildlife which he has visited for over 30 years. The reservoir lakes occurs on the outskirts of Dublin at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains. 

“A picture tells a thousand words and this entry makes very effective use of beautiful photographs to entice the user into exploring a little-known area. The photographs lead the user to the interactive map and allow them to put spatial context on the photographic material as well, of course, as being a practical tool to help when they visit the area.” Eamonn Doyle, Esri Ireland.

The tour provides information on places of interest within the valley, its wildlife and the wetland and terrestrial habitats that occur there. The map aim of the project is to allow visitors to appreciate and learn about the unique value of the wildlife and habitats of this designated EU Special Area of Conservation and make use of its visitor and amenity facilities. The map is based on information held in the Map of Irish Wetlands.


The Bohernabreena Reservoir and Glenasmole Valley story map can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Bohernabreena Reservoir and Glenasmole Valley story map link: http://arcg.is/2oxurSK

Further information on the Maps Make Sense 2017 competition can be found in the ESRI website on - http://bit.ly/2pfztUW

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