New discoveries on the Monaghan Wetland Survey II 2012

In conjunction with Wetland Surveys Ireland we have just completed a second wetland survey of some 66 wetland sites in Co Monaghan. 

In addition to a new turlough site discovered within the Shirley Estate at Carrickmacross a number of other valuable wetland sites including a raised bog (a priority EU habitat) as well as several transition mires were discovered. 

A number of interesting species records were also made on wetland sites during the survey. These are listed below, and based on current data records displayed in the National Biodiversity Data Centre Waterford. 

Scutellinia scutellata - Common Eyelash fungus - nineth national record. A new county Monaghan record.

SAM 3326 2

Abia sericea – Scabious SawflyClarderry Co. Monaghan. One of the more unusual species recorded during the 2012 survey.


SAM 3102

Saturnia pavonia - Emperor mothLough Egish Monaghan. Never previously recorded in the county. A new county Monaghan record.

SAM 2767


Mitrula paludosa – Bog Beacon fungus – Knockavolis Co. Monaghan. Only the fourth record nationally and a new county Monaghan record.

SAM 2669


Orchis mascula – Early purple orchid. New county Monaghan species record.

SAM 3221


© Peter Foss 2012