New moth found on Reen Bog, Kenmare, County Kerry

SAM 8763

The Beautiful Yellow Underwing (Anarta myrtilli) has been recorded on Reen Bog, north of Kenmare, County Kerry following a brief survey of the this intact blanket bog located in a sheltered valley. This area of blanket bog is one of the last intact bog areas on the northern side of Kenmare Bay where most other bogs have been cut out or afforested. The bog has a large aligned linear pool system on the surface rich in Sphagnum species, sundews and other species typical of intact blanket bog. The bog is likely to have a high biodiversity value and merits further study. 

SAM 8781

This is the first record for this moth species in county Kerry. The moth is small, fast-flying with yellow hindwings, broadly bordered with black. It is often found near heather and bell heather. 

Thanks to John Fogarty and Angus Tyner of Moths Ireland for helping with species identification.

Distribution map is copyright of Moths Ireland

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