Scattery Island, Clare

Some images from survey of Scattery Island in Co. Clare in October... and an interesting look at what happens to island vegetation when the impacts of cattle/sheep grazing are removed for 36 years... a rare occurrence along the west seaboard of Ireland.

SAM 2016

OPW Visitor Centre on the Island

SAM 2071

Bramble and scrub encroachment on Scattery Island due to a lack of grazing.


St Senan monastic ruins in distance with bramble and scrub encroachment. (Green are in foreground mown visitors paths)

SAM 2100

Bramble and scrub encroachment.

SAM 2106

Saltmarsh area on southern part of island

SAM 2123


SAM 2140

Fungal ergots on Spartina

SAM 2157


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