Second location for Pyrola rontundifolia found in County Monaghan


During the course of the 2011 Monaghan Wetland Survey the one site which yielded a rare plant find was the transition mire site at Drumgoan Fen where (Round-leaved Wintergreen) was discovered. This is only the second known location for Pyrola rotundifolia in Monaghan (Martin 2006).Pyrola rotundifolia

This is a rare wetland species in Ireland (Cross 1986), known mainly from counties Westmeath, Meath, Kildare and Wexford. This is a protected species under the Flora (Protection) Act 1999. Although this species is not threatened at present, it's habitats are vulnerable to land reclamation and drainage. The status of this species needs careful monitoring.

This site represents a significant biodiversity asset for county Monaghan and should be afforded a high level of protection. 

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