Some interesting discoveries in Bellacorick Bog SAC, Co. Mayo

During survey work on Bellacorick Bog SAC in County Mayo in late July a number of interesting discoveries were made in this large lowland or atlantic blanket bog area. 

Finds included a dark colour form of the Garden Cross Spider (Araneus diadematus) possibly a camoflague adaptation to the tar covered black electricty pole on which it has spun its web.

SAM 9775

A colony of Erica mackaiana, only recorded previously in one or two locations within the county. The heather covered some 10 square meters on an area of disturbed and grazed blanket bog adjacent to a forestry plantation.


SAM 9870

The large carabid beetle Carabus glabratus also known as the Smooth Ground Beetle on a moss carpet beside an extensive pool complex. At almost 2.5-3 cm long its an impressive insect.  

SAM 9846

and a bare peat bottomed flush/channel area dominated by a large stand of Rhynchospora fusca

SAM 9818

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