Waterford Wetland Survey - August Site Visits

At the end of August site surveys were conducted in Waterford with Wetland Surveys Ireland. Field work turned up some important wetlands and some interesting fauna and flora finds on a range of wetlands habitats in the county.

Ferrypoint shingle bar, Youghal.

SAM 8369

Crambe maritima, Ferry Point, Youghal, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8376

Lygocoris sp. (possibly Common Green Capsid) on bindweed. Villierstown, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8423

Indian Balsam is a major problem within sites on the Blackwater River (Cork/Waterford). 

SAM 8420

Coolahest, reed swamp at edge of Blackwater River.

SAM 8427

Wet Heath community on the Knockmealdown Mountains

SAM 8510

River valley in the Knockmealdown Mountains

SAM 8520

Ballyheeny on the Blackwater River

WdWS 2015 Site 212  (15)

Camphire Island in the Blackwater River, alluvial woodland and reed swamps.

WdWS 2015 Site 226  (2) - Version 2

Fistulina hepatica - Beef Steak Fungus, Strancally Demesne, Co. Waterford.

SAM 8463


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