I have extensive professional environmental experience and can offer a range of ecological services to clients in Ireland and overseas. I specialise in the following: 

  • Baseline ecological surveys.
  • Botanical surveys of terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystems.
  • Specialist surveys and condition assessment of EU Habitats Directive wetland habitat types.
  • Specialist advice on wetland habitats (bogs & fens).
  • Site and species monitoring.
  • Invasive species surveys (botanical).
  • Mapping of habitats, site data and species distribution.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Ecological Impact Assessment.
  • Habitat management, restoration and creation.
  • Bog and Fen restoration practices.
  • Technical advice during project design and construction.
  • Guidelines on best ecological practice.
  • Advice on wetland management, natural history & educational wise-use.
  • Design and implementation of ecological research and monitoring projects.
  • Public awareness campaigns and educational use of wetlands.
  • Natural history photographic service. 
  • Interactive online ESRI story map development.

Key Skills

  • Site habitat and botanical surveys
  • Data management and analysis
  • Project design, budgeting and management
  • Report preparation and presentation

Professional Operation

I maintain full insurance cover for all survey and consultancy work, and operate according to the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM) of which I am a member.

Insurance cover:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employer Liability
  • Public Liability

Ecological Services

Peter Foss has undertaken surveys on behalf of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, local authorities, local environmental groups, engineering firms, and private developers. These surveys have been undertaken to develop county wetland inventories, support larger infrastructure developments and one off project developments. My work is carried out to the highest standards of scientific accuracy and using best available technology. A full list of my project involvement can be viewed here

I use advanced tools for the storage, management and analysis of data, having the capability to rapidly digitise and analyse results. I produce reports of publication quality, placing special emphasis of delivering results on time and within budget. This includes detailed assessments of both terrestrial and aquatic freshwater habitats and species on sites of all sizes.

Wetland Surveying Image

Habitat Restoration and Re-instatement

Peter Foss can provide best practice advice on a range of habitat enhancement and restoration techniques. This includes the design and monitoring of site restoration and biodiversity enhancement plans.

I have worked on a number of habitat restoration projects on a variety of habitats including broad-leaved woodland, rivers, raised bogs, blanket bogs and fens using techniques such as drain blocking to re-instate hydrologically optimum conditions and removal strategies for invasive species.

windfarm Image

Site and Species Monitoring

Peter Foss can establish baseline data for monitoring change in hydrology, vegetation, fauna or other natural features, for a variety of sites. This is done using techniques such as standard quantitative sampling, aerial photography, GIS and fixed point photography. Using the results of sampling and aerial photography I can produce detailed vegetation and site maps which can be used to track changes over the monitoring period. I have experience in monitoring a range of freshwater wetland habitats and species.

Monitoring work that I have carried out includes post-construction habitat recovery of operational wind farms, visitor impacts on the Wild Atlantic Way and wetland conservation monitoring.

Wetland Surveying Image

Nature Photography Service

Peter Foss has a large photographic archive and can offer a wide range of copyright free photographic images of Irish wetlands, bogs, fens and the flora and fauna that are recorded in these habitats, together with images showing the threats faced by these wetland habitats, for use in publications, reports, media articles or digital presentations. 

You can see a selection of the images available in the Gallery on this website. 

If you would like to use any of these images and require high resolution format images please contact me for details of terms and rates. 

Monaghan woodland turlough
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