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When sending additional information on an existing wetland site, or to report an error, please include the Map of Irish Wetlands site code number (e.g. WMI_RO49) so that we know the site you are referring to. 

If you would like to add a new site please give us location data, as accurate as possible, so that we can locate it. Ideally a GPS reading or national grid reference for the wetland, together with your information on the habitats etc. present on the wetland. You can get a grid reference via this useful website http://www.gridreference.ie/ Simply navigate to the wetland in question and click on the centre of the site and record the co-ordinate details. 

Add your photograph on the Map of Irish Wetlands

If you would like to send us a photograph of a wetland, to include on the Map of Irish Wetlands pop up window, please send the image, no larger than 500 Kb in size, by email, to  peterjfoss@gmail.com. If possible please include the Wetland Map site code to make sure we know which site you are referring to. 

By sending an image you agree to our use of the image on Map of Irish Wetlands. If you would like to be acknowledged, please send us your name otherwise image will be attributed as “Anonymous”. If you see an error in the attribution of photographs please contact us and we will correct as quickly as possible. 

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